Metal Roofing Colors to Choose From
Metallic Copper               [Copper Metallic Metal Roof]

Metal roofing seems to be all the rage nowadays because of how economic it is. It reflects 59% of the sun’s heat energy and helps save 23% of annual cooling costs. If you want metal roofing and have the desire to give your house a traditional look then we recommended going with the metallic copper color. One can never go wrong with metallic copper. It’ll give your roof an eye-catching shine, and enhance the overall exterior look of your house. Check out the gallery to see for yourself how this color will look on your home.  

Bronze [Bronze Metal Roof]

When it comes to metal roofing one of the safest options is to go with are colors one associates with metal. Not everyone wants their house to standout in an ‘in-your-face’ manner. Choosing bronze as the color for your metal roof will allow it to exude a calm and ordinary feeling. However, that’s not to say it won’t look good. It’ll just show that you like traditional colors when it comes to making the roof of your house look attractive.

Cocoa Brown [Cocoa Brown Metal Roof]

Allow your house to exude a sense of calmness through the cocoa brown metal roofing. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Make your house a bit different when compared to other normal brown-roofed houses and opt for a color that’s sure to make everyone happy. It looks exceptionally pleasing under the sunlight.

Patriot Red [Patriot Red Metal Roof]

Patriot Red looks wonderful as a metal roofing color especially if the rest of the house is white or dull. No need to spend money in changing the color of the exterior walls of your house to make it standout. Patriot red roofing is all the color your house needs to look great.

Barn Red [Barn Red Metal Roof]

Bring in the feel of the countryside to the outer look of your house by choosing the Barn Red color when going for metal roofing. The color is easy on the eyes as it doesn’t shine too bright when reflecting sunlight. It is perfect for white exterior walls. Check out the gallery to see for yourself!

Gallery Blue [Gallery Blue Metal Roof]

A sense of serenity is associated with the color blue and that’s exactly what you’ll be able to give to your house through gallery blue metal roofing. Make your house the centerpiece of calmness and tranquility in the neighborhood with this attractive color. Be daring and do away with the traditional brown colored roofs by selecting a color that is elegant yet different.

Hawaiian Blue [Hawaiian Blue Metal Roof]

It doesn’t matter if you live close to the ocean or not because you can still bring the beauty of the waves to your house. The Hawaiian blue metal roofing will give your house a fresh look. The color is exquisite under the sun. Don’t blame us if you spend a lot of time outside your home admiring the marvelousness of the roof.

Clay [Clay Metal Roof]

Go back to nature by choosing Clay as the color of your metal roof. It will surely give your house a more natural feel and it suits very well with dull shaded walls. Make your house look simple yet beautiful by keeping it basic.

Charcoal [Charcoal Roof]

Charcoal looks exquisite when reflecting sunlight in the morning. It will give your whole house a nice shine to it. It goes perfectly well with red brick walls. You can also give your house a more daring feel by going with this option if you happen to have brown colored exterior walls.

Dark Gray [Dark Grey Roof]

Who says gray has to look dull? Our Dark Gray metal roofing is enough to give any house an extraordinary appeal. It looks stunning with exterior walls of any color. Feeling confused about which roof color will go with your house? Well, Dark Gray is your safest bet.

Ash Gray [Ash Grey Roof]

Ash Gray is one of the more traditional colors that you can select for your metal roof. It looks beautiful but at the same time it doesn’t make your house standout too much from the rest of the neighborhood. Sometimes people want their house to look good instead of being glaringly attractive. If you’re someone like that then Ash Gray is for you.

Patina Green [Patina Green Roof]

If you’re looking for shades of green for your metal roof then we have those available as well. Patina Green, which is one of our many color options, allows for a more natural look to be given to your house. This color will enable your house to blend seamlessly into the natural landscape. It is a suitable color for rustic-styled houses.

Evergreen [Evergreen Roofing]

This high quality colored metal roof is perfect if you have a lot of nature around. Make your house be one with the natural surroundings by choosing Evergreen. It gives off a fresh feel that will instantly make your house standout more.

Forest Green [Forest Green Roof]

Bring the beautiful but wild look of the woods by installing Forest Green metal roofing to your house. It is perfect if you have a rustic looking home. It also blends very well with all of the woodwork you might have done in the exterior of your house.

Mocha Tan [Mocha Tan Roofing]

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Give your house, dare we say, a delicious look by selecting the Mocha Tan colored metal roof. It is perfect for clay colored exterior walls.

Black [Black Metal Roofing]

Go back to simplicity through the Black colored metal roof. Tri County Metals make roofs that are able to reflect the rays of the sun and help keep the house cool. With a black metal roof your house will delightfully shine under the sunlight, giving it a unique sense of appeal.

Light Stone [Light Stone Metal Roof Panel]

Bring a rustic feel to the roof of your house by opting for the Light Stone colored metal roof. The beauty of nature can never be denied and that’s exactly what you’ll be giving to your house through this exquisite color.

Ivory [Ivory Metal Roofing Color]

Who can resist the elegant appeal of ivory? This colored metal roof is perfect to give your whole house a royalty inspired look. Make your house be one of the best in the neighborhood and relish the compliments you’ll receive.

Burgundy [Burgundy Metal Roofing]

Bring a sense of quaintness to your home through the Burgundy colored metal roof. It goes well with almost any colored exterior wall. It is also a color that is quite welcoming. Coming to your home will feel like it is giving you a warm hug due to ambience exuded by Burgundy.

Polar White [Polar White Metal Roofing]

Give your house a sharp yet clean look by selecting the Polar White colored metal roofing. The sunlight reflecting off your roof will enable your house to look perfect, heavenly even.

Galvalume [Galvalume Metal Roofing]

Don’t care for the metal roof colors such as blues, greens, and reds? Well, why not go for something a bit more classic to give your house a stunning look? Galvalume is a standard when it comes to metal roofing, and it will give the roof of your home a timeless feel. Galvalume is steel with a coating of zinc and aluminum that not only gives off appeal but makes the roof study as well.

Painted vs. Un-Painted

A metal roof manufactured out of 29 gauge un-painted Galvalume® is the most economical panel you can buy. From there, it's 26 gauge un-painted Galvalume®, 29 gauge painted Galvalume® and then 26 gauge painted Galvalume®. A painted Galvalume® roof’s benefits are that you do get a 40 year warranty instead of a 25 year warranty, better energy efficiency (on most colors).

Ultra-Rib® Metal Roofing Panel Profile

[Ultra-Rib Metal Roofing Panel] Suitable for any roof with a pitch greater than 2/12.  Ultra-Rib Metal Roofing Profile is the most popular residential panel profile on the market.
Applications: Residential, Agricultural, Light Commercial, Industrial.  Gauge: 26 gauge and 29 gauge residential, Agricultural, Light Commercial, Industrial.
Panel Profile: 36" Net coverage, 5 ribs 9" On-Center, 3/4 high rib.  Substrate: Galvalume® steel sheet, AZ 50 and AZ 55, conforming to ASTM A792
Finish: Siliconized Modified Polyester. Bare AZ55 Acrylic Galvalume®  Warranty: Galvalume® - 25 years and 6 months. Painted – 40 years

We use VALSPAR Weather XL metal for all our Buildings.

We offer several options for our roofing and wall metals. From color choice to thickness.

Roofing and Wall Materials for all our Storage Buildings, Sheds, Pole Barns and Carports.

Our painted Galvalume® panels are backed with better warranties than most other companies when it comes to colored metal roofing panels!

There are two main ingredients to paint and that is the pigments and the resin. Pigments provide the color, controls ultra-violet light transmission, and helps with corrosion protection. The resin is like the glue that holds the pigments together and provides the durability to the paint.There are three kinds of pigments that are used to make paint; organic, inorganic, and ceramic. Organic pigments occur naturally and generally cost less to use. Some organic pigments may have good durability but not exceptional durability. Inorganic pigments can also occur naturally but don’t contain carbon compounds. Their higher performance usually comes at a higher cost than organic pigments. The last kind of pigment is the ceramic pigment, which is made from mixed metal oxides. They are the most color stable pigments on the market today and come with a higher cost to use.The answer to whether a metal roof will fade is yes, but by how much and to what uniformity. You see, from our discussion about pigments, you can use cheaper paints (cheaper pigments and resins) on metal roofing panels just like you can go to any home improvement store or paint store and buy paint for your walls with different price tags. Paint technology, just like other technology has definitely gotten better over the years. So what you have out there are metal roofs that have faded badly do to old technology or just cheap paint that shouldn’t be used on a building product like metal roofing that gets exposed to the Florida sun every day.

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